Thursday, March 16, 2006

Chicken Pox?!?!?!

On Sunday night we took Caitlyn to the ER because she was having a lot of trouble breathing. The doctors said it was nothing, and sent us on our way. On Monday, we received a call that she had been exposed to the Chicken Pox while we were there. So, Caitlyn is stuck home for this week and next until we know if she ends up with them. (Aside from going to Grandma's house.) I will post next week to let everyone know what the outcome of her exposure what.

*Edited to say Caitlyn luckly didn't end up getting the Chicken Pox.


Caitlyn is growing so fast. She is doing well, although we are dealing with it a bad a cough. We're are hoping it will go away soon. All of her doctors appointments have gone well. Her genetics doctors said her spine looks great!!! (scoliosis can be a side effect of Rett Syndrome.) It is hard to tell where our journey will take us. Caitlyn is shocking everyone as she continues to learn to do stuff. Just this week she started standing up in the middle of the room on a regular basis. Eric said he has seen her do it once or twice, but it is much more regular!!! It is so exciting! We never thought she would be able to!
Right now Caitlyn's all time favorite things are books, (though we have had to switch to more soft fabric books because she has taken to eating the cardboard ones) and her stuffed doggy that is named "Oggie Doggy." Once and a while she actually says oggy!!!! We are so proud of everything she is doing!!!!