Friday, December 29, 2006

A video Montage

I hope everyone had a good Holiday! We sure did. It was great to spend time with family. We missed seeing my sister and her family this year, but charished the time we had together at Thanksgiving. Since my parents recieved their gift, I thought I'd share it with everyone else. It was fun to make!

On a happy note, we are back on the potty training band wagon after a break after surgery. Caitlyn is doing great! She got a one-touch communicator that we can put on the wall, so that Caitlyn can let us know when she needs to go. For now, we are visiting the bathroom every 1 to 1 1/2 hours. Today is the best day, so far. She goes with each visit to the bathroom, and has been dry all day! We are very proud of her!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Weight Concerns have been Lifted for now!!!!

We had our appointment this past Monday with the Nutrition doctor, and are pleased to say that weight concerns have been lifted! Caitlyn put back on the 1.5 lbs that she lost after surgery, plus an additional pound!!!!!! That's a 2.5 lb increase in 3 1/2 weeks! That sits her steady at 5% for BMI, according to the BMI calculator. So for now, we will continue with her normal diet and hope that she stays at a healthy level of increase! We are armed with calorie adding recipe's in the event that her growth slows again. We will continue to watch, and make sure she continues to put on weight as she gets taller, but for now there is no need to do Pediasure or pack her food with fatty, calorie adding food. This is hopefully good news for me too! The idea of adding calories to her food is hard, because extra calories is the last thing mommy needs!

We go back to the Neurologist on January 9th. We will be sure to update after that appointment. I will, of course try my hardest to update before that! Caitlyn's grandma and I will be taking her to the Parent-2-Parent holiday party this weekend. I am excited to do that! Hopefully she will like Santa! We will see.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Update..It's been too long

It has been a long is an update.

First...Caitlyn's Tonsil surgery update: We had a horrible surgery time, not going in until 12pm! Caitlyn hadn't eaten since 6am and was not a happy camper! The surgery went well, lasting only 10 minutes. They told us how well it went, and that she was waking up ok. We then went up to her room to wait for her. She came up at about 2:00. She was asleep, but then when they moved her into the bed in the room, she woke up. She was way over stimulated, but seemed to be doing fine. (a little drugged from the pain meds they gave her during surgery) The nurse came in to make sure her stomach was "awake" and check her vitals. We were given the go ahead to start with some ice cream and jello. She was doing great! Even ate some mashed potatoes and spagetti-o's for dinner! She started getting sleepy, so we tried to get her comfortable for going to sleep. I requested her seizure meds early, but they had been ordered for 8pm and it was only 6:30! Stuff then got a little scary..

Caitlyn started bleeding. I'll spare all my readers the graphic details..But it was very very scary as the parent! She lost about 200-300 cc's of blood. (the nurses estimate) The ENT team came in to check, and said it had clotted. But she would not swallow anything. Which means we couldn't get pain meds or seizure meds in her. We did Tylenol from the other end just to keep her comfortable so she could sleep. She didn't complain of the pain unless we were trying to get her to drink. She just lay on her side drooling everywhere! We slept fine the first night.

We woke up Tuesday morning to the ENT team in the room doing their rounds. Caitlyn was sound asleep, and they decided to look in her throat! Silly doctors! Anyway, they took a look and made the decision to take her back into surgery to cut the clot and re-cauterize. She didn't get to have breakfast, but that's ok..I don't think she would have eaten anything! It was also decided that since she started out doing ok after Monday's surgery but then went down hill, we would be staying Wednesday night as a precaution. She came out of surgery fine, and was more relaxed in her room. She rested for awhile. Then after pleeing with her nurse, we were able to disconnect from the IV for an hour. We took her on a wagon ride to the play room. She was very happy walking around and dancing! She wasn't all that stable, but seemed to be doing ok.

Wednesday morning came, and we were doing great! She ate real food for breakfast and lunch! Was very happy to be eating something she could chew! We got to go home! We were doing good at home on Thursday. We held her down for pain meds so that she would continue to drink. Friday she had a really rough day. We couldn't get back on top of the fluids, and ended up in the ER on Saturday for IV fluids. They gave her a bag, changed her pain med and sent us on our way. She stayed on the heavy duty pain meds for another 2 days, then we went down to just Tylenol. By thanksgiving she was doing great!

Today, at 3 weeks post-op she is eating more than she ever did before surgery! We are very happy and hope that this means we will see some weight gain!!!