Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I decided that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I put a lot of thought into this, but my decision is made based on the following:
What do we do on Thanksgiving? We eat a lot! The food alone isn't what makes this my favorite holiday, it is the fact that on this holiday, my daughter's differences don't show as much. She can't open Christmas presents, and they are most often baby toys; she can't find Easter eggs, and if we put them right in front of her, she has trouble picking them up; she could care less about the fire works on the 4th...But she can eat! Caitlyn can eat, and I'm pretty sure she is very thankful! On Thanksgiving, my little girl fits in at the dinner table (except that she doesn't fully feed herself). She can eat just as much as anyone else at that table...

Ofcourse she didn't eat that much today...She discovered mini-marshmellows, and helped herself to a handful which she snacked on throughout dinner.
She seems to not be feeling very well today either. She started out with a little cough earlier in the week, and now has been running a fever. The tylenol keeps it at bay for the most part. She climbs to 102 pretty regularly about 6 hours after the tylenol. We will see how she does through the night and then see if we need a trip to the doctor. Coughing and fevers are never pretty for Caitlyn.

Happy Thanksgiving, and Happy Black Friday shopping to those that do that.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Seizure increases...what next?

Well, Caitlyn's seizures have been increasing again. The new neuro (who is now the old neuro...he retired) upped her medication in August. Her control remained good until about 2 1/2 weeks ago. They started again slowly, about 1 every few days, and picked up from there. Today we are at 3-4 a day. This past Monday was not a good day. Caitlyn had 4-5 seizures, the last one causing her knees to buckle and fall to the floor hitting her head. This of course caused us all to jump up and make sure she was fine and she was.
I called her neuro on Tuesday and then again to follow up, only to find that the new neuro had retired, (hence him now being the old neuro.) So the nurse said she would talk to the replacement neuro and see what he wanted to do. The crazy guy decided to subject an active 4 yr old to a 5 DAY video EEG. This is absolutely insane if you ask me! But, Eric and I agreed we would give this new guy a try before we hunted for another change in doctors. So, we'll try anything to figure out these seizures and have control again.
So the big day is December 10th! We will go in at 7:30 am and not come out until Friday the 14th! Please pray for Caitlyn during this time...and everyone's sanity!