Thursday, February 15, 2007

Helping out around the house

Well, we decided it's time Caitlyn help out a little around the house. :) We got this new vacuum for Christmas, and Caitlyn has been scared of it until a couple of weeks ago..Today, she even helped daddy vacuum! Yes, that is a smile! She is really enjoying herself!

Caitlyn is doing so amazing these days! Her speech therapist says she can identify the cow with eye-gaze! And last week she spent 3 whole minutes working on her collage at school! We are so proud of all of the progress she is making! Every day she seems to learn something new. We couldn't be more excited about all she can do. She has been calling me "momma" a lot..and even some mommy's! She is so amazing!

Friday, February 09, 2007

A new found hope

A year ago when we recieved the news that Caitlyn has Rett Syndrome, we lost a sense of hope. Yesterday, with the results of a ground breaking experimental study, we recieved a new, enormous kind of hope. Here is the article from cbs news..At 3 1/2, Caitlyn is a special person in our lives...She brightens up our day with each smile. This news that sometime in her life, she may be able to do all of the things that typical children do, is just amazing! It's kind of like when you have cancer and they tell you the odds of over coming it...When Caitlyn was diagnosed last year, there was a very very low chance that she would ever have a normal life...I feel like the statistics have just changed, and my daughter now has odds in her favor that she will someday live a normal life....That she will some day be able to care for herself..That she will be able to come home and tell mommy and daddy all about her day. As we do have this new hope, we are still cautious...It is still many many years away, but the news that scientists are making huge progress in their research is just wonderful!! Our hope will remain alive!!

Here you can see the change. To the right of the screen, there are video clips of before and after!! amazing!