Tuesday, February 05, 2008

An update on Kindergarten...and a couple really cute pictures!

Of course, let's start with a picture...Calm and at peace...(really, I had to convince her that standing still for a picture was cool...)

Well we came to the final decision that general education with a 1:1 aide is what we want for next year. Caitlyn's teacher suggested the Co-op school. Unfortunately they did their lottery drawing in January and we missed it litterally by a week. My mom and I are going to tour the school tomorrow to see if we want to put her on the list. Then there is the decision to make as to do we move her mid year if the spot opens, or go to the bottom of the list and wait. We are nervous but very excited. We hope that she will be embraced and welcomed no matter what school we go to. So, as of right now her schedule will be AM Kindergarten 5 days a week, and extended day (ASD social class) three days a week. Our baby is growing up...

Caitlyn is doing well otherwise. We do still deal with the ocassional seizure, and they seemed to be more violent than before. We go back to the neuro on March 5 to see what the next step is. She is also dealing with yet another sinus infection. Who knows what is next with that. This is the 4th round of antibiotics since August. Hopefully soon we can get her healthy..

Here is another picture...Check out how those clothes just hang on her. Some days I'm convinced that all 35 1/2 lbs are in her cheeks. She is a very solid little girl...But boy does this picture show how skinny she is. This picture also shows how happy she is. It seems that she rarely walks anywhere. (I'm told she'll start to slow down in a couple of years.) She runs around spitting on everything as she goes. What a character she is.