Friday, February 13, 2009

Party! and a bunch of other updates

Let's see...Where should I start...On the childcare front, our prayers have been answered. Caitlyn is being cared for now completely in the home! She gets to sleep a little later, and takes the bus from home! We found an amazing lady who is a former special education teacher. She comes in the morning and gets Caitlyn moving, feeds her and puts her on the bus. She totally isn't even phased by any of Caitlyn's issues, and that is such a blessing. And are you ready for this? She does our dishes! It have only been one week, but the first week went great!

We have had some really rough moments in school with para's in the past month or so. I can't go into a lot of detail, because you never know who might read this! But let's just say after some bad events, and writing emails and talking to the principle, Caitlyn is now being fully taken care of! She has the most amazing 1:1 all day! We couldn't ask for more!

Caitlyn continues to hold good seizure control after her last medication increase. I think she has had 3 short seizures all week, and maybe one overnight. We got back to the doctor on the 16th of March. Who knows what is next. Of course every family dreams about complete 100% control, but what do you do if that 100% control comes at the expense of your child's personality? If that 100% control is going to cause your child to have severe fatigue, and zone out what would you do? We fear that the next step for Caitlyn is adding another medication to the mix. We have been so lucky to have no side affects with the Zonegran. If it means keeping her "awake" isn't 90% control enough?

Last, but not lease, yesterday was Caitlyn's Valentines Day party at school! She got to go to 3 parties!!! They had one in her Life skills class, which I missed most of because I had an appointment. Then after lunch she got to go to a party with 5th graders! Her 1:1's son's class was having a party, so she and Caitlyn went to that. Then we went into Gen Ed for their party! It was great! I loved seeing how the other mom's interacted with Caitlyn. She truly is just another child in the class!

And I leave you with some pictures of Caitlyn and her 1:1 decorating a cookie. It seems that Caitlyn didn't care much about spreading the frosting. She leaned in and took a big bite of the cookie while she was spreading the frosting! What a stinker! She had a great time, but it was a busy day!