Thursday, June 11, 2009

One step closer

Caitlyn was a pro today!! She had her Upper GI study done, and didn't fight it at all. She refluxed twice during the study, but the doctor said there doesn't appear to be any damage from the reflux! Thank God! So, unless we hear otherwise, it sounds like we have the go-ahead for surgery on July 10th and it will NOT include a Fundo procedure.

As the day approaches, it is getting a little easier. After tomorrow, there is one more week of school. After that, I start work at summer camp and Caitlyn heads to daycare. It will be nice to have a couple of fast pace weeks before surgery!

If you are local, I'm sure Caitlyn would LOVE visitors while she is in the hospital. We are hoping to only be in one night, but will update more as we know it! Thanks to everyone for all the love and support.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Surgery is scheduled...July 10th

I just had to start off this post with this picture of a very sweet looking Caitlyn...Isn't she beautiful? I love my girl!!

Eric and I told Caitlyn on Tuesday for a consult with her surgeon. He was wonderful! We really like him, and that will make this all that much easier! He talked to us about the surgery, and what it would involve. We talked about her reflux, and discussed if we wanted to have a fundo done at the same time. He told us that with the increased volume in stuff going into her stomach, her reflux could increase. We all agreed that since she is only on the Prevacid once a day, there is still room to increase that dosage if needed, and we declined having the fundo done! (soooo thankful to those before us that have shared their experiences!!) Caitlyn will hopefully only be in the hospital over night. She must be eating and drinking the same as before surgery in order to go home. The feeding tube will be in, but we wont use it for about 7 days.

Caitlyn will have a bard feeding button placed during surgery. Her surgeon prefers the Mic-Key button overall, but likes to put the bard in to start with. The reason is, it is harder to pull out. If something should happen, and her tube came out, we would have less than 2 hours to get her into the hospital to have it replaced before the hole closed up. We will go in after three months to have the tube replaced, and we can switch to the Mic-Key at that time if we'd like. While under for surgery, Caitlyn will also have an umbilical hernia repaired. On top of that, we will take advantage of her still state to have dental x-rays done! It will be a big day and change our lives forever, but I'm sure it is for the best. Our hope is that Caitlyn will continue to eat for enjoyment. On those days when she just wont do it, the tube will do it for her...

I appreciate everyones comments, thoughts and prayers while we go through this. I am doing ok...well, that is until someone asks how I am doing. This is an incredibly hard decision to make for Caitlyn. I know in my head that once it is over, I will be fine...I know this is what she needs. Until then, I feel like I have failed at the very thing I have be given to do. Feeding your child should be the simplest of tasks, and I can't do it...I can't get my own child to eat enough to sustain, let alone gain weight. So, I love the support and I love that we have such caring family and friends...But if you ask how I'm doing with this decision, please consider having a tissue handy...I just might cry...