Tuesday, December 07, 2010

I hope God has Sponge Bob DVD's

I really wish I wasn't posting this today. I thought about not posting it, because I know that people actually read my blog and I try not to write too much sad stuff...But I want you to know about a special boy...

I came to know the family a couple of months before Gunner was born. For so long before that, they were just another "friend" on Facebook with a child who had Rett Syndrome. Then one day I found out they were going to have a baby boy, and we were due right around the same time. I got to know Kerrie, and with that came learning about her beautiful son Aidan who was 2 at the time. Our baby boy's ended up being born on April 14th and 15th, and our bond continued!

Aidan is the little boy no one tells you about when your daughter is diagnosed with Rett Syndrome. A little boy, who against all odds, was here on earth touching the lives of all around them. A smile that would light up the darkest of rooms. Deep eyes that reached right into your heart. Like Caitlyn, Aidan had Rett Syndrome. This past fall, he turned 3 and started preschool! I was so excited to see the pictures of him in a fully inclusive preschool classroom. I became friends with his mom, and he captured my heart.

The reality I talked about in my last post came crashing down this morning. I woke up and started my day, not checking facebook when I got out of bed like I normally do. I sat down with my breakfast and turned on the computer. The email subject line read "another angel gets his wings." The tears began to flow, even before I opened it. The loss of a child with Rett Syndrome was hitting again...Through the light tears, I read that it was sweet Aidan. The tears came harder. This one hit way to close to home! I knew this family...I was friends with his mom, his baby brother was Gunner's age...

I can't even begin to imagine what it must be like for them...My heart goes out to the family. I pray for their strength and healing in this difficult time. I know that Aidan is running, jumping and singing now. He went into the open arms of the loving Lord..Just way too soon. He will be there to welcome his mom, dad, brother and extended friends and family when the time is right.

As the tears of shock began to fade, the deep sorrow set in. Then, all of the sudden, I started thinking..."I hope God has Sponge Bob DVD's."

Hug your kids and say a prayer for Aidan's family..Hold them in your hearts.