Sunday, August 09, 2009

Bad Blogger

Well I sure feel like a bad blogger...Today is August 9th, and it has been a month since my last post. A lot has happened...where shall I begin?

Caitlyn had her G-tube put in on July 10th. She did great, and handled it like a pro! I didn't do too bad, either. This huge life altering event was hard to do...I struggled sooo much with this decision. We have been feeding Caitlyn with the tube for just over 3 weeks now...She gets 1000 calories of formula throughout the day, plus whatever she eats orally. I am happy to report that in those 3 weeks, Caitlyn has gained about 2 lbs!!! I doubted if we were doing the right thing, but now I know we did! The stress on our family has significantly dropped during meal time! The first change I noticed even before weighing her was that her sunken eyes are gone!! She is fully hydrated!

On July 17th, just one week after her surgery, we had the opportunity to go to the Wiggles concert!!! A wonderful man that lives by as works at the arena, and gave us tickets. When Eric thanked him, explaining that Caitlyn had just had surgery a week before, and this was her first outing, and it meant the world to her, the man must have been moved. He is getting us circus tickets, and tickets for a couple of other kids shows this fall!! How wonderful!

We are hoping that school will start on September 8th, without any issues. Our school district contract is up, and we are waiting for news of a start date, and settled contract. My baby needs to get back to school...We pray that both parties realize these are trying times, and settle quickly so that the students can all get to school on time!!

This past weekend we had an AMAZING time at camp Prime Time. This camp is soooo cool!!! We attended two nights away from home with other families from our county at no cost to us. We had to pay a $20 deposit, and had the option of getting it back, or donating it! What a wonderful experience it was!! I am hoping to register a weekend for Rett Families for next summer!!! The picture up top is of Caitlyn enjoying the ride around the lake in the camp's boat!! Sooo much fun!