Saturday, May 05, 2007

Been a long time...

First, before I update everyone on the past couple of months, I'd like to show this picture. This is soooo much more than a little girl sitting on a swing. This is my little girl sitting on a big girl swing for the first time! She did very well holding on, and had fun with mommy pushing her. She has completely outgrown the baby swings now...I am so happy that she can hold on to some extent. It was a short ride, as her bum is so small and had trouble staying on the swing...But as you can see, she really enjoyed it.

We have all been doing very good around here. Caitlyn is doing wonderfully with her potty training. She hits her button when she needs to go a few times a day. We take her in every time she hits it even if she doesn't need to go. We are so pleased with her progress!

Medically, Caitlyn is doing well. The Zonegran increase that we did in January really helped. The episodes decreased. We do see occasional breakthrough seizures, maybe about once every couple of weeks. At this point, we will not increase her medication. As far as growth, Caitlyn is growing like a weed!! She is sitting comfortably at 33 pounds. That is only a 1/2 lb increase since early January. That's not too terribly bad and wouldn't be a cause for concern, except that that 1/2 lb went to the 1/2 inch that she increased, setting her at 41 inches tall! So, we will see again what we can do to add a little that will stick to her ribs!!

I don't know I have talked about Caitlyn's toe walking here or not. Well, here is her new hardware!! We started out with the lower ankle model, and it was going ok...Until Caitlyn realized that there was a notch behind her heel just deep enough to bend and go up on her toes! So, she has been moved into the taller model that goes up to her middle shin. She seems to be tolerating them well, and is only toe walking with her shoes off!

We are preparing now for Caitlyn's upcoming IEP. It is on May 22. We are hoping that we will walk away still feeling good about her current situation. There are a few things we are looking at and am hoping that we will be able to get them in writing without too much of a fight. If we don't get around to updating before then, we will after. Our 3 main issues that we will bring up are: a 1:1 aide, Hydrotherapy for Caitlyn's PT, and inclusion of some sort for Caitlyn.

I hope this update has found everyone else doing well.