Sunday, April 09, 2006

Mastering the Stairs!

Caitlyn's therapists have worked so hard with her on going up stairs. They started with simply layering mats for her to walk up. Well, she can do it! This week at daycare she discovered the four stairs up to their loft. There is a railing, and she went up all by herself! I am so proud of my baby girl!!! To go down, she had the choice of a ramp or the stairs again. She gripped the railing with both hands, and went down the stairs sideways!!! Each and every new thing that she does makes us celebrate. The littlest sign of furthering development gives us all hope that she will continue to do more things. Another thing that she has mastered is standing up in the middle of the room! When Caitlyn figured this one out, she would drop to her knees over and over again just so she could stand up in the middle of the room. We are so excited that we can share our joy with everyone!

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