Friday, July 08, 2011

What have we been up to?

Wow! Where did the time go!!! The kids have both changed so much in the past few months! Here we are all hangin out after school one day. (it was pj day!) Caitlyn and I were having some cuddle time, and Gunner felt a little left out. He climbed his way up, and Caitlyn thought it was the funniest thing!!!

So, what have we been doing? Well, Gunner isn't walking any more...It is more like a run everywhere he goes. Luckily he does hold my hand and walk when I need him to...unless of course he sees a worm...He just recently started working on using a fork! Wow! That is huge around here...It was a little bitter sweet, as this is a skill that Caitlyn has never mastered, yet it seems to be coming to him so easily! It does make me realize even more so how much Caitlyn works towards the things she can do. Anyway, back to Gunner. He is a sensitive little guy. I recently got frustrated with constantly telling him no, so decided to start doing our own version of a time out. This was almost two weeks ago! He was getting into daddy's papers by the fax machine for the millionth time...I got down and in a firm voice using his whole name told him it was not ok, and took him and sat him on the floor by the couch. He didn't stay there, he got up following me for a hug in tears...But, he has not been back to that fax machine since! When he is really tired, even a simple no in a regular voice sends him to tears...He is so eager to please!

He loves his big sister soooo much! He brings her toys when she's in her chair, and will keep coming back for more when she continues to pull his hair and smack him on the head. He is our teacher..He is teaching us the true meaning of unconditional love!

What's she up to? Caitlyn finished up school a couple of weeks ago, and just finished her first week of summer school. She is doing EXCELLENT!! We are very pleased with her progress, and love to see her shine! Of course, she loves to shine too! We are dealing with some behaviors that are new, and hopefully wont stick around. It is a struggle day in and day out...she wants so much of our time and we know that her acting out comes from feeling like she isn't getting enough of it...I suppose, like any child, negative attention is better than no attention at all. We try to give her more 1:1 time, but it is a struggle right now.

Health wise she is doing fantastic!! She has put on about 7 lbs since the end of March, and actually has some meat on her!
Here we are together at a very fun event! A group of super awesome middle school kids at the school across the street put on a special olympics even for the two schools. It was such a wonderful experience! Caitlyn LOVED all of the attention, of course! Even Gunner had a good time!

Summer is here, and of course a challenge. Because of Gunner's age right now, it is hard to get out of the house...he isn't listening quite enough to just hang on to Caitlyn's chair, but she doesn't always have the stability to walk. I am always looking for volunteers willing to donated a couple of hours of stroller pushing, or kid chasing so we can get out of the house. They really are good kids, but there is just only one of me!

What am I up to? Well, I just finished my first quarter back in college. I got a 4.0 in both of my classes!! If everything goes as planned, I should graduate next Spring with my Associate of Applied Science- Transfer degree in Family Support Studies. Then on to who knows what...either more school, a job, or both...only time will tell!

I will try to do more updating...I forget sometimes that not everyone who reads is one facebook!

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