Friday, June 02, 2006

Caitlyn had her EEG on May 31st

On Wednesday, my mom and I took Caitlyn up to Children's Hospital at Providence for her EEG. She had to go in sleep deprived...Imagine in your mind an almost 3 yr old sleep deprived...She actually did great! The lady let Caitlyn just lay there while she put marks on her head. Then, Caitlyn's arms had to be wrapped up tight with a sheet so that I could hold her head still while the Tech. put he electrodes on her head. Caitlyn loves her hands, and did not like having them wrapped at all! She did put up with it tho. Then the test started. Caitlyn got to watch Barney, and we waited. They really wanted her to fall asleep, but she was definitely fighting it! She never did go to sleep all the way. After the scan, the Tech. said that depending on the doctor, they may want to repeat it. She said that Caitlyn entered a drowsy state about 5-6 times. Since she was fighting it, she kept pulling herself out of the drowsy state. The Tech. said that whenever Caitlyn would almost be asleep, something showed up on the scan, but since she never fully fell asleep, we don't know if anything would have come from it. We will find out the results from the doctor in a week or two..I will post more about it then.

Tomorrow is the Stroll-a-than in Puyallup to raise money for the Rett Syndrome Research Foundation! We are overwhelmed with emotion from the generous response we have received! I will post after the walk, hopefully with some pictures, so everyone can see how it went! We're hoping for good weather!

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