Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Another Poem for my sweet girl!

I had forgotten how relaxing, and yet stressful, it can be to come up with just the right words to tell a story. I took this picture after Caitlyn's bath a couple of weeks ago. I was trying to capture the spirit in her eyes. (I wasn't counting on the bare shoulder, tho...I hope it's not too risky.) Anyway, so I did a scrapbook page to go with the picture...And a poem came out of it...here it is

The Eyes of an Angel

From the Angel's mouth,
No words are heard.
Yet all those around her
Know just what she says.

From the Angel's eyes,
We hear her story.
Through her eyes we learn
Her every want and desire.

Look into the Angel's eyes,
And a story you will be told...
A wordless story full of joy...
The story of a Rett Angel.

That's it...I hope you enjoy the poem. Caitlyn's daddy liked it...He said he was impressed that I wrote it. I guess it's time to bring home my writings from my mom's house. It was my outlet in highschool! Hopefully I will find the inspiration to write more in the future!

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