Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Our Neurology update

We had a great appointment! Caitlyn's Grandpa went with us, since daddy had to work and Grandma had a meeting. Caitlyn fell asleep on the way to the doctors, so she was very happy and rested when we got there! We found out what the whole abnormal results on the EEG mean...Dr. Coleman said the scan showed brain activity consistent with Partial Seizures. The ultimate goal is to have Caitlyn completely episode free, if possible. When she first started on the medication in May the eye rolling and screaming fits stopped...But, she got very very drowsy and just sorta out of it...(then again we also found out she had an ear infection at that time!) So, the doctor okayed lowering the dose to see if it still helped...She got energy back, but also a few more episodes. So, the doctor wants to try and increase the meds slowly to see if she handles it...We go back in 3 months, unless her episodes increase or change...Thanks for following our journey with us!

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Doris said...

We haven't done the EEG for Edda yet, we are working with our neurologist to schedule one soon. Can you describe Caitlyn's eye rolling bit? Every once in a while (maybe once every 2 or 3 days), Edda will roll her eyes and tilt her head back for maybe a second. It's almost like a little hiccup. Once she does one eye rolling, she's more likely to have a few more or these small tics during that hour or so and then it's gone. Nothing for days. Is that what Caitlyn did? Ugh, I do not want to start seizure meds.