Thursday, July 13, 2006

A poem for an Angel

Long ago when I was in high school, (ok, so not THAT long ago) I wrote quite a bit. I would work through whatever was going on in my life through poetry and an occasional story. Well, I realized today that it helped...So, as I deal with everything that having a disabled child brings to life, I decided to take up writing once and awhile. I wrote this poem today. If you follow the link to the right for "Mommy's Scrapbook Blog" you can see the scrapbook page I did to go with the poem...Well, here it is...I hope you enjoy it.

Sweet Dreams

When your eyes are closed
And you are sound asleep,
Your whole body rests.

I sometimes sneak in
Just to watch you sleep.
With a heavy heart, I begin to weep.

I wonder where you go...
When you are in this state....
Do you dream?

Do you dream in silence....
Or are you full of voice?
I wonder...will I ever know?

My tears that fall
Are tears of happiness.
At last, you are at a rest.

My dreams for you will always be...
Full of voice and energy.
This I wish for you.

1 comment:

Doris said...

so sweet. I love the picture of her sleeping in the chair...