Tuesday, August 29, 2006

SSI Continued

Ok, so maybe SSI isn't all bad. The problem really is the men in our lives...(love ya Eric!!) No, it's not fully his fault. What happened is that the address on his request to be the payee was different than the address on everything else because they took it off of his drivers license. When you change your address with the DOL they don't require you to get a new license, so his license has an address from 3 years ago! So a decision was made yesterday and we have been reinstated!!! Thank you so much Marsha!!!!!

Frozen PediaSure continues to be a success! Who would have thought something could be so simple!! I really think PediaSure should come out with a custard or IceCream type thing. I vote for a custard! I can't believe that I'm the only parent who's child wouldn't drink it!

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Doris said...

Thank goodness you worked out the SSI thing. I can not believe that the US doesn't have universal health coverage. We're suppose to be a first world country and we can't even make sure everyone has the chance to see a doctor affordably. Geez.. I'm glad the ice cream is working well! Put on some weight Caitlyn!