Thursday, October 16, 2008

"Your Daughter Threw Up"

I just spent the last three days in some training (I'll post more about that later). Tuesday morning I called the school to inform them that I would be in meetings for the next three days, and to please call Eric if they need anything. So, we are finishing up the morning session (at which we were presenting our knowledge from the prior two days) and my pocket is vibrating. So I peak to see who it is. I recognize the number as being school. I admit I ignored the call, but in my defense I sent a very lengthy email to Caitlyn's teacher last night (also worthy of its own post), and I thought it might have something to do with that. So I check the message when we finish up, and it is the school nurse calling to say Caitlyn "threw up quite a large amount." So I call back, and talk to someone in the health center, who tells me "yes Caitlyn threw up, and can I come pick her up?" Now, Eric and I are not the type of parents who will ignore her being sick. If she is truly sick, I'd go get her! But I was suspicious, because a couple weeks ago a similar thing happened, and I get there to get her, and her teacher said "yeah she had her hands in her mouth and stuck it back pretty far, but that's never bothered her before!" ARE YOU KIDDING ME? They called me to come get her because she gagged herself! Anyway, so I wanted to know the story...I got the she didn't gag, she had her arm braces on at the time...I said, "Ok, I'm in meetings all day, I'll call her dad to go get her." Well, Eric isn't feeling well and was still in bed, which is why he hadn't heard them call! So he goes to the school. He said when he arrived and saw Caitlyn dancing around in the lobby, he had to hear the story....He got three different stories from people, but the ultimate truth came from that aide that had been with her at the time. It turns out she had just eaten some cheerios, and started getting upset. Then she burped some and SPIT UP!!! They called me to come get my child because she swallowed too much air and spit up! Eric, bless his heart, told them it is common, it wont be the last time, blah blah blah...What a pain!!! Anyway, that's my story for the day. Speaking of Caitlyn, I need to go wake her from her nap...Every once and awhile she just really needs to crash after school, and today was one of those days!

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