Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Super cute Caitlyn stories!!

So, when you have a non-verbal child I think you run the risk of other kids taking advantage of your child. I am starting to see a little of this at Caitlyn's daycare. The gal says the older girls have sort of adopted Caitlyn as their own personal life size doll. She'll go where ever they want her to, and she doesn't talk back like the other kids! I guess it isn't really taking advantage of her, they truly seem happy to include her in what they do. One girl in particular loves Caitlyn to death. She is the same age as Caitlyn and about the same height, but probably has a good 5-10 pounds on Caitlyn. So yesterday when I dropped Caitlyn off this little girl came running to the door. She said "Caitlyn, we're playing Sorry. Caitlyn do you want to play Sorry?" She then looked at me and said "Can Caitlyn play Sorry?" I said "She can try, but she'll probably need help." So the girl says "Ok, let's go Caitlyn" and proceeded to take her by the hand and lead her into the kitchen. (Caitlyn went willingly...I think she thought the girl was going to feed her..) So Linda (the care provider) and I were talking about the mysterious finger shaped pinch mark on Caitlyn's arm. (my daughter with the alien like pain tolerance doesn't cry when she gets hurt, unless it scared her.) I look into the kitchen and see the other little girl trying to lift Caitlyn into the bar chair so she can play Sorry with them! Linda's helper got over there before anything terrible happened, and the other girl says "I just wanted to lift her up into the chair so she can play Sorry."

I can't tell you how pleased we are that Caitlyn is at Linda's house! When I finish working, I am going to keep sending her there one day a week. She has never been in a care situation where the adults tried so hard to educate the other children. Caitlyn is truly making friends! (And I'm a very proud momma)

So when I went to pick Caitlyn up, Linda told me another story. She said Caitlyn and this little girl were outside with a couple of other kids and Linda's helper. The little girl brought Caitlyn inside. Linda said they were both wet down the front, and Caitlyn was wet on her back. (She has a water table in her back yard) The other little girl proceeded to say "Caitlyn did it." I suppose you can blame it on the non-verbal kid, huh! It made me think of stories my mom tells of my brother blaming stuff on my sister when she was a baby in her crib! I love that my little girl is being accepted in this environment. This just goes to show you that she can have a blast in a general ed classroom!


Avery said...

very cute!

SeairaLaNae said...

I'm so glad my story helped! :o)
That is cool!!!

Brooklyn said...

Yea! All girls need to be surrounded my good friends. I pray for a life filled with amazing girlfriends for Caitlyn! One of these days we need to get our girls together - we can all play sorry! :)

Moore Family said...

How long you think before her cousin tries to say "Caitlyn did it"??